#1. Web Classified
Web classified will only be published online. The most effective ads are brief and to the point. Use short sentences, as they grab attention better. The web version of your ad has a large 3000 character limit.
#2. Printed Classified
Printed ads will be published in printed newspaper. They have smaller character limit than Web Classifieds, and it is 300. The overflow text is marked in red. If you see the red text, please shorten your ad until no red text appears.
#6. Top Classified
When you look at a list of Classifieds, a Top Classified is an ad displayed first - on top of other classifieds. You can specify the length of time your classified will be a Top Classified. Top Classified spots are limited. In order to show all Top Classifieds they rotate, so your ad will not be visible every time you open the page. Refreshing page once or more might cause it to appear again.
#7. Image & Text Ad
This form of promotion can be displayed in many places of the Clascal network. It links to your detailed Classified Ad, or to other online resources.
Your advertisement will be printed in this newspaper for a specified amount of issues beginning on the first scheduled printing date after your payment.
#9. Website URL
Insert a link to any website (pending verification).
#12. Top Ad
Top Ads are positioned on top of other classifieds. This makes them more visible to the public. When purchasing this promotional option you specify how much time you want your ad to be a Top Ad.
#13. Image & Text Ad
If you wish to promote your business or your Classified Ad you can choose the Image & Text Ad. It will be presented on pages of your choice from Clascal Network. It will be displayed beside news, editorial articles, events, Business Directory and other places.
You can publish your classified ad in a printed newspaper. Select in how many issues you want your classified to be printed.
#15. Classifieds
All your classifieds posted on any Clascal network website will appear on your dashboard below.
#16. Pending
Pending Publisher's approval. The yellow-highlighted classifieds are waiting to be approved by the publisher. The network publisher needs to approve your classified listing before it is displayed on the website.
#17. On Hold
Red highlight means your classified is On Hold till Publisher's approval. Contact your Publisher.
#18. Flat Fee Campaign.
A Flat Fee Campaign is a flat rate payment for promoting your advertisement on the Clascal network websites. In your Flat Fee Campaign you can place Top Ads and Image & Text Ads in any combination.
#19. Business Directory Dashboard
All your businesses posted on any Clascal network website will appear in the dashboard below. Your Business Directory Listing is a place where you can publish information about your business - for free. It allows you to have Web Pages and Galleries. You can share your listing with many local (newspaper) websites.
Your Premium business listing shows above other listings your category. It has a highlighted background and includes all the features of a classic listing.
#21. "Classic" Business Directory Listing
In your Classic Business Listing you will be able to include graphics and a link to an external site or another Clascal network business page.
You can choose to create a new Image & Text Ad from scratch and promote it across the Clascal Network.
#26. External Link
You can add any link here. Users clicking your Image & Text Ad will go there.
#27. Link to Business Directory Listing
Users clicking your Image & Text Ad go to your Business Directory Listing.
#28. Business Directory Listing
Your Business Directory Listing is a place where you can publish information about your business. The basic option is free. It allows you to have Promo Pages and Galleries. Once you have your Business Directory listing on Clascal, you can share that listing with many other local websites on Clascal system.
#30. Frame Ads
Frame Ads are an easy way to publish your printed ad in any participating printed medium. You don't need a designer - your ad will have photos and text inserted in a simple layout. You choose the size. You can create a Frame Ad from scratch or promote an existing classified as a Frame Ad.
#31. Approved
Unmarked classifieds have been approved and are public.
#32. Banners
Banners are big, fully customizable advertisements prominently displayed on Clascal Network websites of your choice. You can choose where the banner links to. You can use professional imagery and animation to make your campaign attractive.
#33. Frequency
Your Image & Text Ad or Top Classified rotate with other ads of the same type. If you choose a frequency 2, your ad is 2 times more often displayed then an ad with the frequency 1. The ad with frequency 3 - three times more often, and so on.
#34. Professional Profile for Web
When composing a classified you have option to add your Professional Profile under it, for free. The Professional Profile should display your name and contact information. It links to your Business Directory Listing.
#35. Professional Profile for Print
If you order a classified for print you have the option to add your Professional Profile under it for free. In the Professional Profile you should briefly state your name and main contact information (40 characters max).
#36. Free Print
Many Clascal network newspapers accept free classifieds. Each newspaper has it's own rules of limit and timeframe. Using your free limit in one newspaper doesn’t affect your free limit in another. If you already used your free ad limit, you can use a paid option, or wait till the next period.
#37. Upgrade Business Directory Listing
There are two types of upgrades: Classic: Has graphics and a link to your Clascal business page or elsewhere. Premium: Displayed above Classic listings in your category. Distinct yellow background. Graphics and link to your Clascal business page or elsewhere.
#38. Calendar of Events
On this Dashboard you can manage your Events. You can add events to a calendar for free: On Clascal or on your local newspaper. Once event is created you can promote it as an Image & Text Ad.
#39. CPC/CPM
You can choose from two different types of campaign (only) when you create it: -Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM) For every 1000 times a banner is being displayed to a user, you pay the amount of money set by you. -Cost per Click (CPC) For every click on any of your banners, you pay the amount of money set by you.
#40. Daily Budget
Once you reach number of clicks or impressions (CPC/CPM) in one day, that the total cost reaches your Daily Budget, this campaign ceases to be displayed. Next day it resumes.
#42. Post Again
Post Again this classified as a new one. It will have the same content as this one, but you can edit it. You also need to use “Post Again” function to print your classified in your local newspaper. This function also comes in handy if you want to show users that your classified is still relevant (time stamp will be younger). In order to promote your classified as Top Ad or Image & Text Ad simply use the “Promote” function.
#43. Service Charge
You can charge a service charge to cover your expenses. It will be added to the ticket price.